The Vaccination Controversy

Childrens imminization clinic would like to presentation on the controversy surrounding vaccination. While vaccination has been effective in reducingthe risk of infectious disease all over the world, at times the safety and efficacy of vaccination has been called intoquestion. This has created a lot of debate, with members of the community divided into pro- and anti-vaccination forces.”Alan Phillips (a leading figure in the anti-vaccination debate) writes on vaccination risks and alternatives (but neverwrites about the benefits!). He has written a report called “Dispelling Vaccination Myths” which is available on the worldwide web (see Links). He attempts to discredit vaccination by revealing the so called “truth” on 10 vaccination “myths”.


  1. Myth #1: “Vaccination causes significant death and disability .” Truth #1: “Vaccines are genuinely safe.”
  2. Myth #2: “Evidence suggests that vaccination is an unreliable means of preventing disease.” Truth #2: “Vaccines are very effective…”
  3. Myth #3: “It is unclear what impact vaccines had on infectious disease declines which occurred throughout this century”. Truth #3: “Vaccines are the main reason for low disease rates today”.
  4. Myth #4: “Vaccination is not based on sound immunisation theory and practise”. Truth #4: “Vaccination is based on sound immunisation theory and practice”.
  5. Myth #5: “Dangers of childhood diseases are greatly exaggerated in order to scare parents into compliance with a questionable but profitable procedure.” Truth #5: “Childhood diseases are extremely dangerous.”
  6. Myth #6: “Vaccines caused substantial increases in polio after years of steady declines, and they are the sole cause of polio in the US today.” Truth #6: “Polio was one of the clearly great vaccination success stories…”
  7. Myth #7: “The long term adverse effects of vaccinations have been virtually ignored, in spite of strong correlations with many chronic conditions.” Truth #7: “My child had no short-term reaction to vaccination, there is nothing to worry about.”
  8. Myth #8: “Documented safe and effective alternatives to vaccination have been available for decades but suppressed by the medical establishment” Truth #8: “Vaccines are the only disease prevention option available…”
  9. Myth #9: “Vaccination is unavoidable” Truth #9: “Vaccinations can be avoided”
  10. Myth #10: “Public health officials do not always place health above all other concerns.” Truth #10: “Public health officials should always place the health of the general public as their utmost concern.”


  1. This site has introduced you to the controversy surrounding vaccination, which you can see is a complicated one. Whileyour decision whether or not to vaccinate your child is a personal one, you must not forget your responsibility to thehealth of your child and the rest of the community.
  2. Your decision must be an informed one, and we suggest that youseek advice from your child’s paediatrician and read the literature available. Look for literature with credibility, that whichis from a non-biased point of view and that in which the author has a sound medical background


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