Why is It Important to Immunize?
Link to information about community immunity, the importance of vaccines, why your child should be immunized, and more.

Are Vaccines Safe?
Link to fact sheets on the MMR vaccine, thimerosal, and general vaccine safety information.

Parent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The AAP has created FAQs for parents to download on topics such as how to comfort your child during vaccination; benefits and risks of immunization; immunizations and breastfeeding; locating your child’s immunization record; influenza; whooping cough; vaccine safety; and accurate immunization information.

Locating Lost Immunization Records

Paying For Vaccines
Provides information on how to pay for vaccines if your insurance does not cover them or you cannot afford them.

Common Misconceptions About Vaccines
Provides common myths about vaccines and responds to them with facts.

Comfort Your Child During Immunization

Evaluating Immunization Information on the Web
Link to fact sheets about evaluating immunization information on the Internet and lists of accurate immunization Web sites.

Adolescent Vaccines
Link to AAP recommendations and more information on adolescent-specific vaccines.

Parents Guide to Childhood Immunizations (CDC)
The Parents Guide to Childhood Immunization is a 68-page booklet introducing parents to 13 childhood diseases and the vaccines that can protect children from them.

Immunizations and Schools
Immunization school-entry laws vary among states. This link provides information on state immunization requirements for school entry, immunization exemption laws, and the rationale for immunizing children prior to school entry.

Parents PACK (Exit site)
Parents PACK is a new program for parents, established by the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Members of the Parents PACK benefit by Possessing, Accessing, and Communicating Knowledge about vaccines.

Vaccine Preventable Disease Information
Link to information about vaccines and the diseases they prevent.

New!Spanish Language Radionovelas for Parents
CDC’s “Keeping the Promise” Campaign is happy to present, “Hablando de Vacunas,” a six-episode radionovela which promotes the importance of immunizations to parents. Play these episodes in your waiting rooms!

New CDC Web-based Personalized Childhood Immunization Scheduler
This resource allows you to cre
ate an immunization schedule for your child (5 years old or younger) by entering the child’s birth date. (Exit Site)

Try your luck on the Immunization Quiz!
Do you know what vaccine-preventable disease George Washington died from or how the term “chickenpox” came into use to describe varicella disease? Click on the link above to test your knowledge!


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